Get ready to boldly say Fuck Dieting for good.

If you're SO DONE with dieting and looking for a WHOLE FOODS, NATURAL approach to losing weight, then this is for YOU!

Included in this program is my top secrets both from personal experience of losing 60 pounds NATURALLY and what has worked on my hundreds of busy, clients that I know will work for you too. Also included:

  • A 4 week meal plan using WHOLE foods that are GOOD for your BODY.
  • Gluten free
  • Shopping lists
  • Easy to follow recipes (you don't need a culinary degree!)
  • All recipes are anti-inflammatory, support your digestive system and help you lose weight naturally!
  • Healthy Eating on the GO guide - for busy women like you!
  • A Fresh Start guide and tips on how to not fall off the wagon.
Krisha Young
Krisha Young
Delicious Lifestyle Coach | Sabotage Slayer | International Speaker |

About the instructor

Krisha Young is a Delicious Life Coach, Sabotage Slayer, Speaker and workshop facilitator. Her signature program the Delicious Life Movement helps professional women explore their edges, go beyond the mundane, develop strong leadership qualities while soothing the rough spots with internal bravery, soul healing and an unapologetic unleashing of their inner badass.
Krisha has shared her empowering messaging with various organizations such as Sunlife Financial, Powerful Women Today, H.U.B. Inc, GroYourBiz, and Mojolicious. She has appeared on Huffington Post, Joyous Health, The Chris Voss Podcast,iHeart Radio and several other entrepreneurial podcasts and articles.

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Who wants to feel: guilty, restricted, or confused when looking to release weight and get healthier???

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