In just 10 weeks, you will go from feeling like crap to living your Delicious Life 

A Delicious Life is free from all the torture and anxiety I spoke about above, and instead one where you feel in control, happier, healthier, more energized. You become a better person, the woman you know deep down inside you can be!

You will eliminate all the self-doubt and are willing to GO FOR LIFE in a way you’ve never felt able to before. You become your own best friend, improve your relationships and even make more money (oh yes....there is a huge connection between all of this stuff and money!).

  • Stick to your healthy habits for good. This is no longer a thing you start on Monday, but a daily part of your life. (And watch as your family’s life transforms too!) 
  • Kick that nasty voice in your head to the curb, understanding that the voice isn’t you and has no authority over you anymore. Give up the constant fight over what you “should” be eating. No more choosing between twice-baked potato and the veggies while dining out—you can have both and know exactly how to do that. 
  • Stop being sabotaged by the sugar demon, stopping at just one cookie, or M&M or a small bowl of chips instead of the whole damn bag. 
  • Have control over your stress and overwhelm so that it no longer makes you feel like an anxious crazy person where you have no time (or energy) for anything. 
Krisha Young
Krisha Young
Delicious Lifestyle Coach | Sabotage Slayer | International Speaker |

About the instructor

Krisha Young is a Delicious Life Coach, Sabotage Slayer, Speaker and workshop facilitator. Her signature program the Delicious Life Movement helps professional women explore their edges, go beyond the mundane, develop strong leadership qualities while soothing the rough spots with internal bravery, soul healing and an unapologetic unleashing of their inner badass.
Krisha has shared her empowering messaging with various organizations such as Sunlife Financial, Powerful Women Today, H.U.B. Inc, GroYourBiz, and Mojolicious. She has appeared on Huffington Post, Joyous Health, The Chris Voss Podcast,iHeart Radio and several other entrepreneurial podcasts and articles.

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